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WestControls keeps fighting the 'BIG FAT UGLY' Controllers.
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April 2016

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We've got more Star Wars Yokes that we are restoring.

Works with all USB compatible computers or can be used with real arcade machine (connectors included).
December 2015

The World's Smallest
Real Arcade Controller
is getting better...
The business men and travelers favorite is now built with genuine arcade components.

The miniature joystick just feels like the classic joysticks.
Only 10 3/4" x 5", it's magic!!!
None of our controllers are deeper than 10 inches (25.5cm).
Size beyond is definitely not better!!!
There is nothing more uncomfortable and tiring than to play with your arms stretched...
Just try to do respectable high scores playing in such a position.

This is the most common arcade control panel.
Shallow with the controls very reachable.
Check it with our
control panel database.
It is extremely rare to find real arcade cabinets
with controls too far away from the front edge.
Bigger size for the multi-player games (3 or 4 simultaneous). In this case, the gain of deepness allows the extra players to play on the sides but the controls still stay in the forefront of each players.
At Westcontrols we believe that an oversized Arcade Controller is not the best solution.
DOCKING STATIONS and Individual Controls that you can plug in... that's the answer.
'B i g   F a t   U g l y'   C O N T R O L L E R D O C K I N G   S T A T I O N
Versatility - - - Versatility +++
You would not be able to put all of the different kinds of controls in one unit, and hundreds of games would not be as enjoyable due to a very poor playability or even unplayable. You can install any types of controllers available.
With 3 different sizes of docking stations
and 3 different sizes of controllers
plenty of combinations can be created.
Comfort - - - Comfort +++
By trying to put too many controls
on an oversized board you will have
some of them not easily reachable
making the game play uncomfortable and tiring.
Ideal game play.
Create your controls exactly like
the original arcade control panels.
Use - - - Use +++
Dealing with a huge unit
is not easily transportable.
Carry the controls you want anywhere.
Individual controls don't need
the Docking Station to work but only its tiny adapter (quick and easily removable).
Price - - - Price +++
You have to pay a high price at once. Buy separate controls at lower individual prices.
First video game ever
Spacewar! ©1962 Digital Equipment Corporation. Steve Russell designed it on PDP-1 computer.
First coin-op video game ever
Computer Space ©1971 Nutting Associates. Nolan Bushnell redesigned Spacewar! to Computer Space.
Nolan Bushnell has created the arcade video game industry with Pong ©1972 Atari.
The company that has invented all
Scrolling playfield: Super Bug (1977)
Vertical scrolling: Sky Raider (1978)
'First Person' driving game: Night Driver (1976)
'First Person' shooting game: Starship (1977)
3-D Environmental landscape: Battle Zone (1980)
3-D polygon graphics: I, Robot (1983)
legal roms
WestControls all time favorite games
Star Wars Tempest Defender Donkey Kong 3
©1983 Atari
Dave Theurer
©1980 Atari
Eugene Jarvis
©1980 Williams
Shigeru Miyamoto
©1983 Nintendo
Arkanoid, Asteroid, Galaga, Marble Madness, Millipede, Missile Command, Ms Pac-Man, Nibbler, Pengo,
Pole Position, Pooyan, Puzzle Bobble, Q*Bert, Super Sprint, Tetris, Track & Field, Tron, View Point...
Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator
MAME's purpose is to preserve gaming history, and to stop vintage games from being lost or forgotten.
It tries to faithfully emulate as many different arcade machines and games as possible.

MAME is a software program which runs on personal computer hardware, with versions for Windows, Macintosh, and Unix operating systems. MAME itself performs several functions: a CPU emulator, which emulates the CPU of the original arcade machine; an input emulator, which maps the arcade buttons, joysticks, and so on to PC devices; and an emulator for the arcade game display and sound equipment. The only thing missing from MAME is the ROM image, which is the program from the original arcade game which made the game run. When MAME is run, it is running the original game from several years ago - just on different hardware.

If you own the actual arcade game, making a backup copy of your ROMs for your PC is legal in the US.
However, in practically all jurisdictions, it is not legal for an individual to have ROM images that aren't either legitimately bought or from a game they own.

As of version 0.148, MAME now supports 3747 unique games and 10284 actual ROMsets.

Each game may just have the original or have one or more clones as well.
Number of emulated games is growing all the time. However, not all of the games in MAME are playable.

Computer program which causes the system to appear as if it were another system:
A R C A D E   M A C H I N E   -   V I D E O   G A M E   S Y S T E M   -   O T H E R   C O M P U T E R
The computer accepts the same inputs and produces the same outputs as the system emulated.

To play among thousands of REAL ARCADE GAMES, you need the following:
+ +
Computer Emulator Roms
  Emulators and roms are very easy to find over the Internet, use them legally.
Our controllers provide the same sensations as playing on the original arcade cabinets.

WestControls has the best Quality/Price on the market today... by far.
X - A r c a d e  TM
W e s t C o n t r o l s
ARCADE Authentic = 0% ARCADE Authentic = 100%
All controls are just cheap, imported reproductions. Genuine arcade controls.
HAPP Buttons and HAPP Competition joysticks.
Fabrication = China Fabrication = USA / Europe
Built with the cheapest components.
Flashy design.
Top-of-the-line components.
Clean design that fits all type of environments.
Playability = Reduced Playability = Identical
Microswitches are more noisy.
Different reaction as the true arcade controls.
A sensation of perfection...
Price (including adapter) Price (including adapter)
Solo: $99.95        Dual: $149.95 Compact: $103.90        Double: $143.90
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